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Zili App Free Android Application

Zili App Free Android Application

Zili App is a unique free mobile app that allows users to utilize advanced features and editing tools including image thumbnails, animated thumbnails, video thumbnails, editable backgrounds, photo thumbnails and a lot more. The app has registered over 10 million downloads on both the Google Play Store and the Apple’s app store worldwide. The popularity of the Zili App can partly be attributed to the fact that it enables its users to download videos from Wikipedia and several other sources. Users can also upload their own videos from personal video sharing sites. The software enables its users to make their own videos by simply adding captions, modifying the color, size and other aspects of the original video.



The Zili App was launched in April 2021 and became available for download in early August that year. It is one of the first apps that let users edit and add captions to their videos. The unique feature and editing tools make this video app a favorite among kids and adults alike. This unique video app also supports a wide variety of third party services including social networking websites and integrates with the Facebook timeline.


The unique feature of the Zili App is that it uses Chinese language with a simplified Chinese version. The use of the simplified Chinese versions make the Chinese apps easy to understand even for non-Chinese speakers who do not use Chinese language as their native language. Although this unique feature has been available since 2021, the launch of the zili app made it even more popular among people from different countries.


In addition to this unique feature, the zili app makes it possible for its users to upload pictures taken with their smartphones of locations in China and of themselves using various Chinese applications. When the user adds a picture to the photo album of the app, he/she can specify the location, which is featured on the map of the selected city. This is done by simply clicking on the ‘select location’ on the main menu of the app. The feature provides a great chance to cultural studies as well as personal photographs to be shared with friends from around the world using Chinese apps. It is interesting to note that even the US State Department has used the photos app to post its own photographs on its official Chinese microblog.


The second innovative feature of the Zili App is its extensive editing tools. Users can easily and effortlessly edit and combine the video clips into a story or a film. The users can also select between ‘watch now’ and ‘play next’ options to start watching the video clips. Besides, the unique filtering option lets the user find the funny videos or funny short videos according to the interest and preference. The extensive editing tools of this free short video application are similar to those available in major smartphones such as iPhone and Android.


The third interesting feature of the Zili App is its use of authentic Chinese dialects. One can enjoy the funny videos or films from China with the help of this unique application. According to the Chinese government, the use of inaccurate local dialect is considered illegal. Thus, by using this innovative Chinese app one can enjoy Chinese movies and use the local Chinese dialogues.

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