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How to Create and Upload Your Own YouTube Thumbnail Background

YouTube Thumbnail Background

The thumbnail image on YouTube Thumbnail Background is the very first thing that visitors see when searching through YouTube. It’s a tiny, clickable little static graphic that either captures their attention immediately or lets them scroll down by. YouTube does have a selection of frames in your uploaded video to play as this thumbnail image, however, rarely does it render the full screen format that would be optimal for this purpose. In fact, there are only two standard thumbnail formats that YouTube offers and they both result in a jumbled mess of code that nobody really wants to look at.


So what can you do? You could create your own customised YouTube thumbnail Background using any image editing software, however, this process is beyond the scope of this article and in many cases beyond the capabilities of even the most capable computer user. The best way to create a customised thumbnail for YouTube is to use an html editor such as Dreamweaver, paint a custom picture in Dreamweaver and then copy and paste the code into an image gallery program such as Snapsextra. This will give you the opportunity to utilise the Dreamweaver background code with ease.

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If you already have a nicely themed image gallery on your computer or your website that you would like to use as the basis for your YouTube background image then all you need to do is download the images from your site and place them into the “Gallery” section of your Dreamweaver page. This will display a drop down menu that has two tabs. Select” Default “click the “Open” button next to the” Gallery “tab. You will now be able to browse through the different thumbnails that are available on your photo library. Each thumbnail will display a different version of the same image, so it’s easy to switch from one to the other as required. To change the actual size of the photo gallery so that you can use a customised thumbnail for YouTube select the” resize” drop down menu next to the” Gallery “tab.


You can also use the snap toolbar to create your own snappa site and upload your own videos. Just add the relevant videos to your snapa site and copy and paste the code supplied by the snapa toolbar into a page on your Dreamweaver page. Create the page, save it and upload the resulting video thumbnail using your favorite image viewer. You will be able to select a different version of your video thumbnail to be displayed on your YouTube channel when you have added a new one.


Creating customised spa thumbnails for YouTube Thumbnail Background is easy but it does take some time. In theory, the process of uploading a video onto YouTube should be quick and simple but in practise it can take quite some time depending on the size and complexity of the video file itself. Dreamweaver does provide support for adding YouTube thumbnails and converting snpa files to create a customised thumbnail but Dreamweaver provides limited support for generating the thumbnails. You need to either use Dreamweaver’s built-in image viewer or download and use Google’s thumbnail maker tool. It is possible to create high quality and original looking thumbnails using some commercial image editing software available online.


If you want to create your own snappa thumbnails using an external program, you will need to obtain a video capture device such as the Sony Cyber CM phone or a USB 2.0 video capture device. With the captured video open in Dreamweaver create a new page for the thumbnail and select “ption”, “width”, “height” and “orama”. Change these values to fit your requirements and create your own customised snaps thumbnails. You will then need to insert these images into your video and then upload the resulting file to YouTube using your chosen media provider. Be sure to include a link back to your website so that visitors can see your other web pages.

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