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‘You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry’ Riddle Is Tricky? Here’s Its ANSWER & More Riddles

‘You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry’ Riddle Is Tricky? Here’s Its ANSWER & More Riddles

WhatsApp is full of forwards and riddles that will fool you. Here are some answers and tips to the ‘You are asleep and you are a hungry riddle.

Your energy will be reduced by the coronavirus lockdown. But don’t let the lockdown take over your life. There are many ways to engage your brain with WhatsApp puzzles and riddles. These questions are popular and you may have seen them several times. It’s the “You are asleep and you are hungry riddles”. These are great fun and can be solved with the help of your family and friends.

“You are asleep and you are hungry” and other riddles to engage family and friends in fun activities

  • You’re tired and falling asleep. Which one will you open first?
  • A girl unlocks the phone of her boyfriend. She discovered three contacts with the same name “LOVE” and she called them all. 1. “Love” is his father’s daughter-in-law. The mother of his father’s daughter in law is the second “Love”, and she is the third. What is the relationship between the first and second contact?
  • How can you clap with no hands?
  • Brown and old at night, and white and young at day. My eyes are made of glass. I have nine faces, but no head. I can sing, but have no voice. I am everywhere and nowhere. What is my identity?
  • Penny is the mother of five children. The first is January. The second child is named February. Her third child is March. The fourth is April. What is the name for the 5th?
  • Six eggs are left. I broke two eggs, fried two and ate two. How many eggs are left?
  • Mr Harry was the father of 4 daughters, each one having a brother… How many children does Mr Harry have?

Here are some steps to share and engage more people with the You are asleep and you are hungry, and more riddles

  1. Use the following WhatsApp riddle to update your Facebook status and Instagram.
  2. Tag friends to answer the WhatsApp riddle
  3. Share the game with them if they answer, which will lead to a series of similar riddles.
  4. WhatsApp puzzle solution but not the WhatsApp riddle.

Below are WhatsApp puzzle solutions to the You are asleep and you are hungry, and other riddles.

  1. Your eyes
  2. It’s his grandma
  3. Thunder
  4. The moon
  5. “What”
  6. The same 2 eggs were broken, fried, and eaten again.
  7. Harry was a father to children, but now he doesn’t have any.
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