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Windstream Hosting – A World Class Customer Support

Windstream Hosting 

Windstream hosting is one of the leading providers of web hosting and internet bandwidth solutions for businesses, home users, and organizations world wide. Their global infrastructure allows them to offer cost effective and fast hosting solutions. This enables them to have faster access to the latest web technologies and stay ahead of their competitors. The company is recognized for its reliability, security and performance. Their services are known to be reliable and up to date which makes them preferred choice among many website owners and web-hosting clients around the world.


Customers and clients find several advantages using a Windstream hosting service. One of the great features of a Windstream hosting is that you can create unlimited email accounts within your domain. You will get unlimited bandwidth from your server and hence no boundaries will be seen when it comes to expanding your business. The email account is an essential part of your business as it enables you to reach out to your clients and customers on a more frequent basis, which enhances business productivity and ensures customer satisfaction.

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A Windstream hosting also allows you to add your own unique domain name which you can use for your own websites. Customers can add their desired domain name with their email account and thus enjoy unlimited emailing space. The email account can be managed and maintained personally or by a staff. You can have a staff member or an experienced computer expert to maintain your email account. You can choose your own time to send emails and receive emails on your email account.


If you need your email account to be accessible over the weekends only then you can configure your own hours of access. With this feature, customers can have full control of their hosting service and can customize their hosting account according to their individual needs. As far as security is concerned, Windstream hosting service is known to be at par with other leading companies in the market. They have integrated secure servers so that all customers’ data is completely safe.


When it comes to managing customer records, the customer support offered by the company is commendable. The hosting provider offers outstanding customer support by providing a live chat, phone and email solutions. Apart from this, they also provide backup and recovery services, which are second to none. With such features, you can be assured of superior hosting services and superior customer care. In order to keep your website updated, Windstream hosting also offers regular updates on software, applications and security. You can have website templates and SEO tools with these updates so that your business website will look as attractive as ever.


To get a better idea about how Windstream hosting can help your business, read the below paragraphs. Windstream hosting service is a service offered by highly reliable web hosting provider, who has a worldwide presence. The company offers reliable hosting services with a wide range of plans, which suits every kind of business. If you are looking for a way to keep your business updated, then you should look no further than a Windstream hosting.

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