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umang App – A Mobile Phone App to Access Government Services

Umang App

Umang App, abbreviated as Univen, is an internet application launched by the Modi government to promote more people to use digital payment transactions in the nation. The Umang mobile app is an internet-based single application that can be employed to avail a host of local e-government services including making bank transfers, filing tax, getting personal pension, and lodgingnueralization. It also makes it easier for users to find information about government schemes and grants and get help with local applications such as word of mouth. This particular mobile app is capable of accessing the likes of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), HDFC, ICICI Bank, Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, NSE, Union Bank, ING Vanca and many more financial institutions. Users may need to download the appropriate software on their mobiles before they are able to start using these services.


The umang app enables users to make secure payments via their credit cards and debit cards. This facility has been extended across various countries such as Australia, UK, US and New Zealand. The seamless integration ensures complete security of transactions made through these cards. In the absence of a unique banking reference number (PIN), an unauthorized user will not be allowed access to the account or monetary transactions made through it. A unique 16-digit PIN is given to each individual during the initial registration stage of the human app.


Apart, from this, an online user needs to input his mobile phone number to enable secure online transactions. After logging in to the human app, aadhaar number of the user will be generated. This phone number is required to register with the relevant bank or financial institution. The seamless integration ensures that only an authorized user will be able to access account details through the umang app and make purchases or receive cash withdrawals.


The app allows users to perform multiple functions such as booking flights, reserving hotel rooms, change currency, make online payments, send SMS, use yojana application, enter credit card information etc. With the help of the facility of yojana, a ration card can also be created. The yojana function enables a user to enter the total expenditure for a month and the same can also be viewed later for regular updates. The usage of the app can also be monitored by setting the currency breakdown option in the yojana Status Check.


The umang app provides various other useful features such as receiving bulk SMS, setting up a PIN through which one can make secured transactions, view transaction history, export data in PDF and many more such facilities. The yojana Status Check displays the current trend of the foreign exchange market in real time. To check the exchange rates in the real time, the usage of yojana currency conversion tool is essential. The subsidized gas and subsidized car rate are available on the application’s website for tracking the cost of transportation. The yojana app allows one to export data in PDF and it can also be exported to a CSV file.


The umang app download enables downloading and viewing of the latest tariff plans of the leading banks in Singapore. The mobile application that can be used to get access to government services is the Safaricom Mobile. The Safaricom Mobile is capable of processing transactions and sending mails to clients. The application can be downloaded free of cost and used at the secure mobile terminal provided by Safaricom. The features such as accessing bank details, online checking, online bill payment and making payments over the internet are supported by this application.


The Mobile IVR System for the umang download does not support audio/video conferencing. If you want to use this function then you need a microphone or video camera for the free video calling. The only option would be to use your computer as a microphone. The microphone must be connected to the USB port of the computer.


The umang app supports all the popular phone operating systems including Windows CE, Darwin, etc. If you run Windows Phone OS mobile phone then this software works perfectly in your phone. To use the Windows Phone IVR system, first download the free Windows Phone IVR Software from the Microsoft Website and then transfer the software to the memory card of your phone. After transferring the software, follow the on screen instructions given on the software.

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