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National Game of India

National Game of India

The National Game of India is a unique form of sporting event which is organized after every season for the people of all states in India. It includes different sports which are played between all the states of India. The participants of the National Game of India are selected on the basis of merit and whether they have won any such championship or not. Therefore, it is quite important to select the players who are eligible to play in the competition.


Another very popular sports that are played during the Indian national games are weightlifting and badminton. Weightlifting has gained a lot of popularity among the people of all the states in India and they love to participate actively in it. In the earlier times, men and women were involved in the same activity but with the evolution of technology, both the genders were compelled to play the game in the open air. However, it was badminton which gained maximum popularity and people started using badminton rackets and replacing the traditional shuttlecocks with them.


Basketball: Although it is not among the most popular sports for the males of the Indian community, yet, it has managed to create a complete revolution among the males and the females of the community. The National Game of India is quite famous among the youngsters and the girls as they like to take part actively in the game. There are a number of teams and the winners are awarded with the grand prize money. The most popular basketball team which participates regularly in the National Games of India is the Delhi Dynamite – a team that plays against the Melbourne United from Australia.


The National Game of India also includes various other popular sports which are played between the males and the females. The most popular sports that are played by the males are badminton, wrestling, weightlifting and fencing. The women have an option to participate actively in gymnastics and badminton. These all games are played in different venues and provide the participants a fair chance to enjoy themselves and participate in the national game of India.


Badminton: Badminton is one of the most popular sports which is played regularly throughout the country. There are many tournaments organized in different cities of the country and the winners get grand prizes. This sport is played in the open air court which can accommodate a large number of players. This makes it quite exciting for everyone and every time there is a tournament the participation is quite high. There are a number of teams that are actively competing in the national sports of India and they are showing good progress in their game.


Basketball: India is not a major basketball power compared to the USA and other European nations, but it has got a few teams that are participating actively in the tournament. One of the most popular sports which is played in this nation is basketball. The reason behind this factor is that the people here have a big interest in playing different sports and have even become quite skilled at it. So, if you want to spend your summer holidays in India then there are quite a number of summer vacation packages available from various tour operators which cover different destinations in and around the country which will provide you with an amazing experience of India.

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