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The Popularity Behind Naamkarann Instagram

The Popularity Behind Naamkarann Instagram

Naamkarann Instagram is a lovely, scenic hill station in the state of Karnataka. It is well known for its natural beauty and rich flora & fauna. The lovely hill stations are very popular tourist places visited by tourists from all over India. One of the most sought after hill station is Naamkarann where one can enjoy a great walk amidst green surroundings.


Recently, a few fans from Singapore made their trip to Naamkarann and used the social media sites like Facebook and MySpace to upload pictures of themselves with their loved ones. They were really excited about the opportunity to get closer to their friends. The pictures uploaded on Instagram showed the lovely views from the top of the hill stations of Naamkarann where they could clearly see the surrounding greenery and beautiful landscapes. From the photos that the fans uploaded, it was evident that they were enjoying the beautiful view of the lush hill stations.


The pictures uploaded by the fans also showed the different seasons of the year and their favorite times of the day. They were able to get an insight as to how the weather changes during different parts of the year. Most fans also posted comments on their photos along with what they are doing in their daily lives. These comments helped other fans to know what their favorite things to do or places to visit are.


One of the most interesting comments posted by one of the fans on Instagram was ‘#daydreaming’. This comment was in reference to the fact that most of the pictures posted by the fans on Instagram showed them looking at the sky as they enjoyed the wonderful views of the hills and greenery of Naamkarann. Some of the photos were posted just moments before they went to bed while others were posted after they wake up in the morning.


Another comment posted by a female fan on Instagram referred to Naamkarann as ‘the only place with an ocean’. The reason behind this comment was that a lot of the fans who have set their profiles pictures as clouds have seen the Naamkarann ocean. These fans posted a lot of pictures taken from the air on the beach and the surrounding areas as well. These pictures as well as the ones posted by the fans on Instagram helped to get others in the Naamkarann area to know about the resort.


The resort has received a lot of positive feedbacks from its patrons and visitors. One of the things that has been attracting tourists to the resort is its location. The resort is nestled at a height between two large rivers which provides some of the best views of the region. It is also located next to some of the prime spots of Kerala such as Kovalam and Alleppey. This has been helping to draw in tourists and locals alike who then enjoy a delightful stay at the resort.

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