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My Airtel App – Enjoy Exclusive Shopping 2021

My Airtel App

My Airtel App gives you quick and simple access to all your favorite Pay As You Go mobile phones and service. Airtel is a telecom company in India providing mobile connectivity to almost all cities in India. It has come up with its unique Pay As You Go (PAYG) tariff plan which enables customers to have a ‘pay as you go phone’ with their mobiles. With the aid of this app you can avail various services such as calling, SMS, data transfer, internet connectivity and entertainment purposes right from your handset. Some of the main advantages of the Pay as You Go are listed as below:



PAYG Plans – Get the best offers and deals on PAYG tariffs. Whether it is the latest handset from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung or Motorola, it doesn’t matter at all, because each one of them are offering a variety of special offers and schemes on PAYG tariffs. Some of the most notable ones include:


Downloading Applications – The My Airtel app allows you to download various applications for free from the internet. Such applications include weather widgets, maps, blogs, news etc. Users are offered different free airtime minutes, which they can use to download their favorite apps. To get more free minutes and to save money on bill payments, users are required to have an active internet connection. Hence with the airtel app users can: download apps, pay bills, send and receive messages etc.


International Roaming – With the help of the my Airtel App, now you can easily roam overseas. In the App, you will get complete information on international roaming. With this, you are not required to configure your router separately. You will also be able to configure and use your personal GPRS or EDGE connections to make international calls at cheap call rates.


Set up Automatic Rebates – This is one of the most effective and beneficial features of the my Airtel App which makes it different from other telecom companies. Users are allowed to set up automatic rebates on airtime basis. These rebates could be in the form of cash, gift voucher etc. Users are also allowed to set up automatic deductions on pay checks. Users are also enabled to transfer airtime to other networks by paying in one click. Moreover, with the inbuilt search facility on airtel payments bank, users can find different options of pay checks and coupons.


We Have Bettered Our Systems To Alleviate Customer grievances – With the integrated banking system of the My Airtel App, users are now able to resolve their customer grievances in the easiest possible way. The entire process of dispute settlement is made easy through the interactive help desk and the easy payment success rates are another added advantage of the My Airtel App. The advanced fraud control features also help us in reducing customer complaints and helping them in regaining their trust in us.


Discounted Packages & Special Packages – In the My Airtel App, we have planned many exciting offers such as heavy discounts on airtime, activation, minutes, text messages and much more. These special offers are completely free and users are not required to subscribe with any service packages. All these discounts are made available on the basis of bulk billing. The first ten minutes of use on any network will be free. After this period, the users will be charged on an hourly basis for the whole day.


To conclude, we have always tried to continuously improve the features and services of the My Airtel App to offer the best shopping experience to our valued customers. We are constantly working on making the app more user friendly so that you can always enjoy exclusive shopping on the go. My Airtel App is developed by award-winning developers and has been downloaded by millions of users from across the world. Now it is time for you to take the benefit of this wonderful app and start saving money on air tickets, text messages and other monthly costs.

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