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Most Disliked Video on YouTube

Most Disliked Video on YouTube?

The most disliked video on YouTube is a video called “Grounds For Allemagne.” It shows Indian Army soldiers torturing an American serviceman. There is some controversy surrounding this video, as some people have criticized it for being in poor taste, and others have claimed that it is not violent at all.


What is clear from the video is that the soldiers involved are in the army and they were ordered by their higher ups to brutally beat up an American citizen. So why did they do it? We cannot know this for sure, but the most likely reason is that they thought the American would get upset with them for torturing an innocent man.

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However, it is certainly understandable that such scenes on YouTube would get you angry. Such scenes only serve to highlight the ugly side of some people. There are many videos on YouTube that get blocked very quickly because they are offensive. This is not the only YouTube channel that have these types of videos, but it is the most common channel.


There are a few rules that YouTube has put into place that tries to remedy the situation. For example, they now have a system where you can Flag a video if you think it is being abused. You simply click on the Flag button at the bottom right of the video. It is just a small easy step, but it does help. Many people still try to get around this system by using text chat emotes like “oyi” and other related expressions.


Of course, there are other things that you can do to combat this problem on YouTube. One of them is to try to get your video featured on YouTube’s homepage. This is a long process that involves a lot of, so if you are going to go through the trouble you might as well do it the easy way and just block someone’s video from getting on the homepage. You also have to follow the rules for the site to qualify for being featured on the homepage.


Another option is to send your video to an automated email service like Get Response or Aweber. These services will usually cost a small fee, but they are fast and efficient. Just select a video and then write an automated email to your address. They should get back to you with at least one response in a reasonable amount of time. This way you will have an easy way of blocking inappropriate videos from appearing on YouTube again.

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