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How to Lock Facebook Profile For Safety

How to Lock Facebook Profile For Safety

How to lock Facebook Profile in order to restrict access to specific posts and pages? Today, almost every person who uses Facebook has become aware of the new Account Manager, a new feature introduced with Facebook. Now, when you go to your News Feed, you see two options: Private and Shared. If you are on the list of Facebook friends, you will see a small icon near the top of the page: Account Manager. Clicking on it will open a new window where you can manage your Facebook account including changing your privacy settings, arranging your updates, and deleting any old content you want to keep private. The Account Manager serves as a kind of protector for your personal information like photo albums, comments left by other people, and other settings you might want to change.



With the Account Manager, you have the choice of locking your profile by clicking the “Manage Account” link next to the Account photo. Or you can also set a password and request a PIN number from Facebook to unlock the privacy feature. Locking Facebook Profile is also just an extension of Profile Picture Guard which allows users to lock their profile picture, thus allowing them to post to that page in private, so others cannot easily see it or download it, or zoom in on it. However, the lock/unlock function only works if a user has chosen to have his profile visible to everyone. The privacy feature requires a user to accept the terms of service mentioned in the Facebook Help Center.


How to lock Facebook Profile depends on the level of security you want to achieve, whether you want to prevent unauthorized access to your account or control what others can do when they get access to it. The higher the security setting, the better you can ensure that Facebook will not sell your personal information, like your email address or phone number. However, if you wish to be able to block certain applications from loading on your PC, you have to go through the process of unlocking the application. This step is only possible if you have unplugged and unlocked your computer’s SIM card or if you have downloaded and saved your Facebook application files on a different PC.


A good way of learning how to lock the profile is to get a test run of the Facebook application you wish to use. The Facebook application has a test mode where one can see how well it blocks potential threats, as well as how well it controls privacy settings. After you have installed the application, run the test version to see how well the Facebook application performs. You can also use this mode to test how well the Facebook security features work, if you are planning to use the application while you are offline.


Another important step in learning how to lock Facebook profile is to learn how to clear your entire profile history. The default settings let you keep only limited parts of your history and deleting these parts can be quite difficult if you do not know how to do it properly. To learn how to clear your entire profile history, you will need to download the Facebook application and open it. Click the link “What’s New” to be taken to the Privacy panel where you can choose to clear your profile information.


The final step on how to lock Facebook profile is to hide all of the public posts and conversations you make on the social network. The Facebook timeline lets you see the posts from any source, and if you hide them, you will not be able to see them at all. To do this, go to your Privacy tab and click on the section that says “Only You and Your Friends Can See This”. Clicking this option will hide all public posts and conversations. The Facebook timeline does not yet have a way of knowing what you are doing on the internet, so it is recommended that you refrain from using this feature until you know how to unlock your profile completely. Hiding your public posts can be quite helpful when you are planning future updates to your page, and also when you are just checking what your friends are up to.

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