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How To Delete My YouTube Channel

How To Delete My YouTube Channel?

How to delete My YouTube channel is something that a lot of people struggle with especially when they are not too sure what they want to do. Well, YouTube has made it extremely easy for you to delete any YouTube videos you want, even if you have forgotten your password! The most important step to deleting a YouTube channel is finding the channel first, then doing a few more steps to help you get rid of it. Here is how to delete a YouTube channel step by step.


First, go to your YouTube website and log in to your account. On the Account Overview page, click on the Delete channel button. You will be prompted to enter your email address where you can delete your channel. Once you click on the delete channel button, you will be prompted to verify your email address by clicking on the “Get Key” or “Find Key” buttons.

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Next, go to the settings and click on Add channels. Once you click on the + sign icon next to YouTube, you will be taken to the add channels page. Once there, scroll down to where it says Add YouTube Videos and click on the + sign again. You will be taken back to the channel selection screen. Here you can type the title of your video, description, and tags to help organize your channel.


After that, click on the Properties link where it says view in YouTube. This link will take you to the video description where you can enter a few bits of information about your channel. When you are done, simply save the page. Your channel is now listed! If you are wondering how to delete my YouTube channel, this is how to do it! Just click the “Remove” button next to the channel at the bottom of the page and all of your videos will be gone.


While you may be laughing at how to delete my YouTube channel, think about how many people would be viewing your channel if people were aware of how to do it! Chances are, your videos would quickly disappear from the search results pages. Even if you haven’t thought about it, everyone could have missed your channel. It would not only lose you their viewership, but it would upset the people who happen to be watching right now!


If you ever wanted the world to miss your videos, this is how to do it! Don’t expect your video to pop up on the first search result ever though. As mentioned, this takes some work and is not impossible to complete.

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