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How to Check Vodafone Balance

How to Check Vodafone Balance

How to check Vodafone balance is one of the most asked question by many customers. However, getting the answer to this question is not a complicated task. Actually, there are three options available for checking your Vodafone mobile balance. Let’s have a look at those options and how to check them.


The easiest way to check the Vodafone balance is the ust code. For every customer, these ust codes are absolutely necessary, when the time comes to check any new service related detail. These codes help to link you with the Vodafone network. For regular check up of Vodafone, all you need to do is to dial the relevant number and then enter the Ust code followed by the area code followed by the numeral for which the check up has to be done. There are different types of Ust codes and all you have to remember is the area code and then the numeral that have to be entered.


Another option available is the caller app. The user can get to know the Vodafone net balance, even though the calls have not been received on their phone yet. This is possible if the call has been made through the Caller app, which is an application developed for mobiles using the TMT network.


Apart from the Caller app, another way of checking balance is to use the Vodafone vouchers. Vouchers are another way, which helps the users to check Vodafone balance. When you go to the application page of the network service provider’s website, it will ask you whether you wish to have a voucher. You can choose one of two options the first option being the voucher which is valid for a specific time period and the second option being the validity of the voucher. This enables the user to either check his data balance or the validity of his vouchers.


Another easy way to keep track of your Vodafone prepaid credit balance is by using the Check balance by mail option. This is also another way, which helps to keep track of your prepaid balance. To do this, the user needs to log onto the ‘My Account’ page of the network service provider’s website. Here, he can see the details of his account. Then, he can use the data available to him to check the amount of money in his account.


This option may not work for everybody, as not all mobile operators have been including this option in their plans. If your service provider does not offer this facility, then you should learn about it. The good news is that there are many other apps available on the internet which perform similar functions. The two most popular examples are the MyAPlv2 balance check and the MyAPVEL balance check. The former is available for free and the latter for a small fee. These apps help to monitor various details regarding your usage of the mobile phone and the best part is that they are entirely free.


These two internet data balance management applications help you to easily check the balance on your phone. All that you need to do is to download them from the internet and they help you view various details regarding your usage. Apart from monitoring your phone balance, they also help you track different usage details such as text messages sent and received etc. These applications are very simple to install and they can be used anytime.

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