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Hamraaz App 6.0: Better Than Ever

Hamraaz App 6.0: Better Than Ever

The hamraaz mobile app is a free and simple to use app for mobiles users in India and abroad. It can be downloaded free of cost and offers users various tour and travel options. For those who are looking for adventure, this app has many options such as: trekking, mountaineering, rafting, paragliding, air ballooning, etc. Tourists can get their desired tour packages through the hamraaz army app. This app also offers flight bookings through its map interface.

If you’re still using the old apk version of hamraaz app, it’s time to upgrade to the new app v 6. 1952. This app is not only compatible with mobiles but also with desktops and tablets. Apart from that, you will get the facility to manage bookings on-demand. The old version used to allow customers to book only one trip at a time. But now it has been upgraded so that customers can book as many trips as they want within a fixed period.

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The new hamraaz app version download offers an improved set of features that has been added in recent version. You can now use this app in order to plan your family vacations and tours. There is even a money back guarantee available if you’re not satisfied with the product. All you need to do is download the app from the Google play store. Once you’ve downloaded it to your cell phone or tablet of choice, you are good to go.

One of the greatest features of the hamraaz app is the ability to have an unlimited number of numbers. That means that you can manage all your vacation plans from different places in the world. Since the number of digits needed in order to dial a destination is 16, this is very useful especially when you have more than a dozen numbers to remember. A password is also set automatically after you log in with the given username and password.

To make things simple, the download app Old Apk is being offered in two versions. The regular version being made available at $2.99 while the premium version being made available at $4.99. The regular version works just like the regular apps but with a few differences. For instance, you cannot directly download an audio or video from this app, you can only view them by going through a separate link.

If you choose to go with the regular version of the hamraaz app, then you are in for a big surprise. For starters, the interface has been completely redone. Everything including the icons has been changed or added-and all you get is a new look and feel. The interface makes everything and anything you need to know and perform with your hamraaz readily at hand. One thing you will notice immediately though is the change in the overall functionality.

The 6. 51 versions of the hamraaz app has been specifically designed to work with the Google Android Kit Kat 4.4 smartphone platform. This means that even if you have an old android smartphone device, the app will still function properly. It does this by incorporating itself into the existing user interface and further enhancing it. The result is a mobile application with significantly better functionality, performance and efficiency.

The newest version of the hamraaz app now comes with a brand new password feature. The new password manager allows users to select a pre-efined set of words or phrases from their desktop computer or external USB pen and keyboard. Once enabled, this lets you select a secure password to unlock your app. Apart from this, the new password manager also lets you create and save custom passwords. If you manage more than one email account from a single PC or smart phone device, then you can enable two-factor authentication in the hamraaz app.

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