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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Subtitles – Don’t Miss This

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Subtitles – Don’t Miss This

As I have already pointed out in my review of the eighth episode of the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Subtitles of the HBO television show, Cersei’s (Sophie Turner) sudden demise at the hand of her brother and lover, King Joffrey (Nikolaj Coster-Warnhoef), has sent shockwaves all around the Seven Kingdoms. Not only did Cersei’s death touch the hearts of her family members, who felt that she had been treated unfairly throughout her entire life, but also all those who felt she truly deserved the throne. In the ensuing chaos, Cersei was left without an authority to represent the downtrodden masses that had rejected her for her privilege. What follows is a power struggle in which Cersei will fight not only Joffrey but also her own father and her lover, Sansa.


The subtitles for this episode are extremely difficult to understand. Not only are the events happening at a frantic pace, but most of the words are either missing or are written in foreign languages. The new episodes have become very complex and it’s hard to follow them with just the subtitles. I guess it’s because of the immense importance of what is transpiring in the episode.


There are some scenes in this episode that are breathtaking to watch. One such scene involves the great battle between the Frey family and the Freys. It’s a scene that you won’t want to miss, especially the exchange between Lancel and Gregor, where Lancel tries to get his revenge by killing Gregor’s son, Jacad. However, when Lancel knocks down Gregor’s son, Jafar, in the process, Jafar immediately orders his guards to let Lancel go. This exchange happens without the subtitles, but you can tell that something very bad is about to happen.

Getting Game of Thrones Subtitles

Another scene that I found very interesting was the one between Sansa and Littlefinger. It shows how deeply in love Sansa really is, when he tells her he is going to kill her. You’ll notice that it’s not just Sansa who knows he plans to kill her, but also the whole household. This scene in Game of Throne is incredibly intense and something you shouldn’t miss if you happen to catch it.


In the final scene between Sansa and Joffrey, you can clearly see what has happened to Sansa after her encounter with the Hound. When Sansa tries to attack Joffrey he blocks her, telling her that she is still Myranda’s child. He then proceeds to shove her onto a bed, threatening to have her killed if she does not leave. Without the subtitles, you can’t tell that Sansa tried to reason with Joffrey, so it’s definitely worth mentioning.


The season ending is just as thrilling. Cersei gets the chance to take power in the Seven Kingdoms once again, but she is quickly faced with an enemy who has much more experience in martial arts than she does. It ends with Cersei on the floor, getting stomped by a large, powerful foot. This was another great scene with impressive subtitles.

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