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What Is The Full Form Of Computer?

Full Form of Computer

One of the most asked question nowadays in the IT world is what is the full form of computer? Many people are trying to find answers to such questions. Well, there are so many different types of computers that you can find in the market today. But if you’ve forgotten what is the full form of computer then don’t worry, this article is for you where you can get more information on what is the full form of computer and what is its main function. By the way, Computer is a short form and not a full form, but depending on the function of the full form (computer) it has been classified into two forms…

A brief definition of what is the full form of the computer is its capacity to calculate or solve mathematical equations and solve the particular problem of a user. This type of computer was especially used in calculating various results of an equation and solving the equations by computer and computing results. This type of computer was purposely used in calculating especially for businesses and large organizations. You might ask what is the full form of computer used in businesses? Here are some examples of businesses that use this type of computer in their day-to-day operations.


Large Companies and Governments: These types of large companies and governments use computers as a mainframe of operations where computer programming is done. The main purpose of computer programming is to solve complex calculations and equations by computer that is why this kind of computer is purposely used. They use this type of computers, especially when they perform extensive data analysis by storing data in large memory banks and hard drives. With the help of computer programs, they can easily manipulate, examine, classify and store large amounts of data stored in these storage devices. This is how they provide accurate results and provide optimum services to their clients.


Small Businesses: Before small business owners put the word processor in their computers, they put the first computers in their houses which are called the word processors. The main function of a word processor is to translate words into other languages. This is so that the workers can understand the message and process it accordingly. In other words, this is used as a translator between English and the language of the employee. Then, if there is any error in translating the message, it will not affect the output, which means the work of the worker is protected.


In business, they put the input devices such as the cash register and the monitor. After the computer programs are programmed, they send the output devices for example, the documents to be printed and the employees to execute the computer programs. Once the output devices are done, the documents are printed. They are usually separated into text documents and the graphical documents which are creating using the graphics program.


Large Corporations: In large corporations, the production involves large number of products and the employees are responsible for the execution of computer programming. Their jobs are more complex because they need to deal with the logical operations of the computers such as storing and retrieving of data. Logical operations must be followed by the input operations and the logical operations in a complex system must be properly implemented. It is the responsibility of a programmer to make sure that everything is executed according to the plan. Otherwise, it will be considered as an improper and unprofessional way of doing business.


In case of manufacturing, a lot of information needs to be converted from the manual forms into the electronic format. To do this, a vast number of input devices and output devices are needed such as the keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, the printers and the other electrical and mechanical computer devices such as the lathe, grinders and other rotating machines. With the help of the software, one can convert the information into the required computer language. The computer language is then converted into a series of numeric and text commands that are sent to the appropriate output devices.


Desktop computers have come a long way and now a days they have become very much advanced as compared to the earlier computers. Earlier computers used to perform only one task to the latest laptops have a wide range of tasks that one may perform with it. They are capable of multitasking, have high-speed processors and are equipped with highly advanced operating systems.

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