HomeBiographyDesiree Washington: Wiki, history, trial with Mike Tyson & facts

Desiree Washington: Wiki, history, trial with Mike Tyson & facts

Desiree Washington: Wiki, history, trial with Mike Tyson & facts

Though he has reinvented himself in recent years as a family man and vegan with enough comedic chops to act in movies, Mike Tyson says he lives with his dark past of being a junkie for cocaine, alcohol, and bringing women to bed. His book is filled with detailed descriptions of sex and many women from Tyson’s past flow into and out of it just like his life. Desiree Washington, Miss Black Rhode Island, was the exception to this rule. Tyson was convicted in Indianapolis of rape. According to her, Tyson invited her to his room at The Canterbury Hotel on July 19, 1991. She reported her rape to Methodist Hospital the next day.

Desiree Washington
Desiree Washington

Biography of Desiree Washington

Desiree was raised in Rhode Island along with her three siblings. Donald and Mary Washington were her parents. She graduated from Coventry High School with high honors. As a child, she was outgoing and friendly. She also had a passion for modeling. She went on to Providence College where she studied psychology. She had the option to become an attorney or politician in the future.

The tragedy had a profound impact on Washinton’s life, as her parents divorced. Due to the fact that the incident was made public in order to condemn the family members, Washinton’s siblings had difficulty at school. Desiree Washington, on the other hand, has remained away from the media spotlight following the tragedy and kept her private life secret.

Desiree Washington now

We don’t have much information on Desiree Washington, except that we do know she is 47 years old (baptized in 1973). In July 1991, she was 18 years of age.

Who is Desiree Washington?

Desiree Washington was Miss Black Rhode Island. Mike Tyson raped her in an Indianapolis hotel room. First she told police. She then admitted to it in court. Tyson laughed at her sobbing and joked about it. Washington is still being criticized for believing it was safe for Tyson to enter her room, and then reporting the matter to police.

desiree washington now
desiree washington now


Desiree Washington was convicted of rape in Marion County Superior Court from January 26 through February 10, 1992.

Tyson’s chauffeur Virginia Foster gave one testimony, which confirmed Washington’s story. Foster also confirmed Washington’s shock state after the incident. Thomas Richardson, an emergency room physician who saw Washington over 24 hours following the incident and confirmed that Washington was in a consistent state of shock regarding her genitals, offered additional testimony.

Vincent J. Fuller, the lead defense lawyer, examined Tyson and found that everything took place with Washington’s consent. She also claimed that she wanted to have sexual relations with him. Many portrayed Desiree Washington, the stereotypical female liar, as a gold digger who wanted Tyson’s money during Mike Tyson’s rape trial.

Desiree Washington called Mike Tyson in July 1991 to arrange a meeting at her hotel room.

Tyson drove his limousine to Washington’s hotel at 2:00 AM. Tyson informed Washington that he had forgotten something at his hotel. He asked her to go up to his room and retrieve it. The part-time limousine driver was a public school guidance counsellor who specialized in crisis intervention. He took Tyson to Mike Tyson’s hotel and Washington rushed out of the hotel about an hour after Washington and Tyson left the limousine.

Virginia Foster, the driver, stated that she saw her as frantic and in shock. She seemed confused and dazed. Washington told her roommate, after she returned to her hotel room from Tyson’s rape.

Tyson’s lawyer portrayed Washington, as a sophisticated woman who saw suing Tyson like an economic opportunity. Tyson’s supporters labelled Washington a jealous, vindictive woman.

Washington’s supporters believed that Washington was a young, inexperienced, and naive girl. The jury found Desiree Washingon to be credible and telling the truth. Washington knew that many would believe her to be a liar. She called 911 to report her fear that no one would believe Washington or that she was only after money.

desiree washington
desiree washington

Conviction and Sentencing:

After a jury deliberation, Tyson was convicted of the rape charge. On March 26, 1992, Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison.

He was 25 years old when the crime occurred. However, he was transferred to the Indiana Youth Center (now Plainfield Correctional Facility), in April 1992. He was released in March 1995, having served less than three years.

Mike Tyson, convicted with Desiree Washingon, is now required to register under federal law as a Tier II sexual offender.

Desiree Washington net worth

Desiree Washington, a college student aged 18, accused Tyson of raping and sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment.

Tyson’s criminal trial judge Patricia J. Gifford suspended his sentence for the past four years. Tyson was then released on parole with three years of good conduct. However, this affected Mike Tyson’s wealth and required him to pay large legal fees. He also lost his reputation. Tyson also had to pay $30,000 in fines, which may have contributed to Desiree Washington’s net worth.

Tyson was also asked to pay $150,000 more by the prosecution, as that is the amount Tyson’s case cost the local criminal justice systems. Judge Gifford, however, denied the request.

Desiree Washington’s networth is estimated to be around $50,000 by 2021.

Desiree Washington interviews

Below are extracts from Desiree Washington interviews that were conducted with those who were involved in her trial.

He said, “You’re turning my on.” “He said, “You’re turning me on.” I replied, “I’m different from all those other women. “I don’t know why you brought me here.” Desiree Washington, trial testimony

A couple of women were returning from a concert when they noticed [Tyson] and Miss Washington smooching in the back of a limousine. This would indicate some romantic interest. The court refused to allow the evidence to be presented after this was discovered just two or three days before the trial began.

Because Desiree had put the garment in, the garment was still there. He had pulled some beadwork from his hair and jerked the garment down to her hips. I wanted the jury see his flash point. I handed it to him and asked, “What’s the matter?” I gave it to him and said, “What happened here?” He then threw the ball at the court reporter. He threw it back in the same direction, though not like a fastball. I thought, OK, they’ve seen poor Mike.

Desiree Washington Tyson

Tyson was charged with the 1991 rape in Indianapolis of Desiree Washington, an 18-year-old beauty contestant. The former champion was arrested the next year and sentenced for six years. Tyson denied that Washington was misled and said that Tyson wanted to have sex.

Tyson was sentenced to half his sentence, but Holloway, Tyson’s former manager, revealed that even though Tyson spent three years behind bars, the Brooklyn-born fighter still enjoyed his choice of women.

“All my life, I had fought to keep Mike from women. But I would pull up at prison and the guards would inform me that Mike has women lined up for him.

“He was getting more women inside than outside. I ended up sleeping in that damn parking lot.

“How can you rape someone at 2 in the morning?” Tyson said. Tyson stated that he was able to get his fill even in prison, first with visitors, then with a prison counselor, who suddenly became available after Tyson sent $10,000 to her home to fix her roof.

Tyson wrote, ”I was having too much sex that it was exhausting to even go to the gym or work out.’ “I would just stay in my cell the whole day.”

Desiree Washington was later described as being “depressed” after the attack. 

In 1991, Washington represented Rhode Island in Miss Black America. After the July 19 meeting, she claimed Tyson attacked her at the Canterbury Hotel.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Washington said that he tried to punch Washington but it felt like hitting a wall. “I said, “Get off!” He slammed me onto the bed and I was unable to get up.

“I begged him to please give me a better future. . . . Please, I don’t need a baby. . . . She continued her testimony by saying, “Please, I’m going college.” He said, “So, we have had a baby,” and he stuffed himself into me. It felt like someone was trying to tear me apart.”

She was never the same after that. “Dez was one the most popular children in school. Alyce Pagliarini, a childhood acquaintance, said that she knew everyone and was always the center of attention. She was a great joiner. She was a real person. She came back from the pageant, and she just cut herself off with everyone.”

Desiree Washington’s interview with Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters heard Washington’s side of the story on 20/20 in 1992.

“I went from being so outgoing to someone who was just right – I was voted friendliest at high school – to someone so quiet that I just sat in my bedroom and in the corner, and couldn’t move for a long time. It was unbelievable. I will miss the person I was. In a way, I am glad that I am not that person. I will never be hurt again.

Washington said that she was being blamed by the public for choosing to follow a man with a violent past. Desiree claimed that she was offered $1 million if the charges were dropped.

She continued, “People have judged me and made opinions about me without knowing all of the facts or knowing me as an individual and why I did what they did.” It is not fair to choose a Black man over an African woman.

What happened to Desiree?

Former model Desiree Washington seems to be living a low-key life and has not returned to the limelight. While little is known about Desiree’s current life, there was a lot of public criticism in the 1990s from both the media and the general public.

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