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How to Play Business Game -opoly

How to Play Business Game -opoly

A business game is defined as “an interactive and dice-based video game that employs a set of business game rules” – Oxford English Dictionary. The game can be played by anyone who is interested in business and its strategies. It was created by marketing companies in order for them to determine the level of interest and the competitive edge of their products. The participants are given instructions and are presented with several business opportunities and scenarios. They have to use their own resources and think creatively to turn the odds in their favor to reach their goals. Business game rules usually describe how to handle different scenarios using a board or a set of cards.


There are several types of business games available. Board games are very popular due to their easy playing time and manageable size. They are also ideal gifts for children. Board games are normally played on a table top or a similar designated surface.


Monopoly is probably the most recognized business game. A player is presented with lots of properties, which he needs to purchase to become the owner of a particular property. A pile of cards are laid on the board. Players take turns acquiring new properties, selling those they already have or spending money to purchase others. The objective of the game is to become the sole owner of the property, through buying, building, selling, or renting out properties.

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For beginners, it is wise to start their careers with the simple versions of these games. As they grow more accustomed to the intricacies of the business game rules, they can try the more challenging and complex versions. It is always recommended for players to read the rules of the game before actually starting to play.


The World Wide Web is loaded with hundreds of online business games. Players can choose from free versions or paid versions. It is recommended to try the free business games first and then decide whether to download the games to a personal computer or to use the web interface. Most of the business simulation game websites allow players to download and play the game absolutely free of cost.


In the business game, the player lands on the ‘Jail’, if he lands on that place his turn is immediately discarded. Another rule is that the player cannot buy that property owned in jail. After that, the player has to transfer to other properties by paying the fees. Each property owned by a player belongs to one of three categories cash, stocks and property owned free.

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