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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Elimination Today, Nominations of the Week

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Elimination Today, Nominations of the Week

Colors Kannada launched Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 2nd Innings (bigbaas siisn 88) for 2021, with the top 17 contestants.

Bigg Boss 8’s Grand Opening was held on February 28, 2021. It featured all the contestants.

We will also be able to see wildcard entries that will allow us to enter the Bigg Boss house during this trip.

To keep themselves safe during the weekend’s elimination, all contestants will be required to perform daily tasks. It could be a single or two-stage eviction.

Below you will find the winner of the captain’s award, the nominees for this week’s contest and the winners of the BBK 8 race.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8th Innings Nominations

The 16th week of elimination (31 July-20 August 2021The nominated contestants areManju, Vaishnavi and Shubha, Prashanth and Shamanth.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Elimination News

On27th July 2021As per mid-week evictionChakravarthyGetting kicked out of the Bigg Boss Kannada House

On18th July 2021This week Priyanka Thimmesh BBK8 was eliminated

On11th July 2021 Raghu Gowda Getting kicked out of the Bigg Boss House

On4th July 2021 Subbaiah The 1st contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Kannada Second Innings was

Nr. Contestant Name Profession Status
1 Dhanushree Tiktok Star Eliminated
(7th March 2021).
2 Shubha Poonja Actress Competing
3 Shankar Ashwath Actor Eliminated
(4th April 2021).
4 Vishwanath Haveri Singer Eliminated
(18th April 2021).
5 Vaishnavi Gowda Actress Competing
6 Aravind K P Bike Racer Competing
7 Nidhi Subbaiah Actress Eliminated
(4th July 2021).
8 Bro Gowda
Singer / Actor Competing
9 Geetha Bharathi Singer Eliminated
(21 March 2021).
10 Manju Pavagada Actor Competing
11 Divya Suresh Actress Competing
12 Chandrakala Mohan Actress Eliminated
(28 March 2021).
13 Raghu Gowda Tiktok Star Eliminated
(11th of July 2021).
14 Prashant Sambargi News Reporter Competing
15 Divya Uruduga Actress Competing
16 Rajeev Actor/Cricketer Eliminated
(25 April 2021).
17 Nirmala Channappa Produce Eliminated
(14 March 2021).
18 Chakravarthy Chandrachud Writer/Director Eliminated
(18th July 2021).
18 Priyanka Thimmesh Film Actress Eliminated
(18 July 2021).
19 Vyjayanthi Adiga Actress Walked out

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Captain

The Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 House Captain is Divya Uruduga.

Past Captains: Divya Suresh, Aravind, Divya Uruduga, Manju, Chakravarthy, Aravind, Prashanth, Manju, Vishwanath, Aravind, Rajeev Hanu, Bro Gowda.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Wildcard

On10 April 2021? Vyajanthi and Priyanka As the new wild card entrants, I joined Bigg Boss.

On1. April 2021? Chakravarthy Chandrachud As the first wildcard entrant, I entered the Bigg Boss Kannada 8

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